Trek 'n eat Salmon Pesto with Pasta

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This is THE Trek’n Eat fish dish: Delicate macaroni comes together with salmon pesto to transform this into a Trek’n Eat highlight for real fish fans. A touch of garlic adds a pleasant flavor expansion while tomatoes make sure there’s a fresh hint to the meal. The dining experience comes together with a sprinkle of tender almonds. A delicately tuned combination for epicures who appreciate the flavor of this highly esteemed type of fish or who would like to know it better. In its 2/13 edition, the German magazine „outdoor“ classified the Trek’n Eat Salmon Pesto with Pasta dish as “Best Buy”. Uitgebalanceerde maaltijd voor actieve buitensporters. Luchtdicht geseald in alu-verpakking. Ongekoeld max. 2 jaar houdbaar.

1 persoonsverpakking. Inhoud: 160 g. Na bereiding 680 g.

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66% Pasta (durum tarwe, eiwit, zout), kaaspoeder (kaas, emulsifying salt: trisodium phosphate, weipoeder), ricotta, lactose, tomaat, amandel flakes, 2% chunks gerookte zalm, ui, knoflook, plantaardig vet, kruiden, natuurlijk bindmiddelt: guar bloem, melk eiwit, kruiden.


Allergie info:

Bevat ei, vis, gluten, lactose, melk en sporen van schaaldieren..



Scheur de verpakking langs de inkeping open. Voeg 520 ml. kokend water toe. Meng en vouw de verpakking dicht. Laat de inhoud 5 - 10 min. rusten. Eet smakelijk.

Brand Trek 'n eat
Nutrition per 100 g.
Energy 1698 kJ
Carbohydrates 56.3 g.
of which sugars 9.8 g.
Proteïns 16.8 g.
Lipids 12.2 g.
Of which saturated 6.2 g.
Finre 3.4 g.
Salt 2.3 g.
Uitvoering 8018569

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