Coghlan's Survival kit

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The Survivalpakage: waterproof box (similarities with fish cans do not come from approximate) one finds here different articles for warmth, health and energy. In the case of a case you have thereby: compass, fire starter, general-purpose cord, wire, 4 water resistant matches, fishing line, drying soup, tea, sugar, matchbox, 2 antiseptic cloths, razor-blade, tape, signal mirror, bandages, small bag, 2 nails, 2 drawing pins, 2 fish hooks, signal whistle, chewinggum, needle, energy sugar, paper, pencil, first assistance guidance. If you have nothing with you - this should!
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€ 17,95
Merk Coghlan's
Lengte 11
Breedte 7.8
Hoogte 2.3 cm.
Gewicht 90 g.

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