Multitools hebben zich een vaste plaats verworven in de uitrusting van veel buitenkoks. Niet voor niets natuurlijk, want wat is er handiger dan een miniatuur gereedschapskistje aan je riem? Naast multitools van de bekende merken vind je bij QVIST Outdoor Cooking ook ander handig gereedschap voor wanneer je er op uit trekt.

Messen vind je onder een eigen sectie in deze categorie. Onze grootste collectie bijlen en (vouw)zagen vind je onder Wild Harvest / Oogsten / Bos.

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  3. QVIST (1)
  4. Silky (2)
  5. WildHarvest (1)
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  1. QVIST Klapschepje / RVS

    QVIST Klapschepje / RVS

    Handig robuust klapschepje in foudraal.
  2. Coghlan's NATO schep

    Coghlan's NATO schep

    Small shovel with hardened blade and strong metal handle. Easily adjustable and folding small. For every situation, in the car, for 'emergencies', whilst camping and for the children's beach activities. It's always at hand because it's so small.
  3. Fiskars Machete XA3

    Fiskars Machete XA3

    Nieuw model van de in de bekende Fiskars kwaliteit uitgevoerde machete.
  4. Coghlan's Machete

    Coghlan's Machete

    Gunstig geprijsde machete.
  5. Silky Chopper ONO

    Silky ONO Chopper 120

    Looking for a camper’s best friend? While small and compact, this feisty chunk of Japanese craftsmanship won’t let you down when it comes to clearing trails or cutting up small timber for that evening fire. From the moment you handle this fine tool, you will know it is destined for your next venture into the great outdoors. Resharpen the blade as needed. The ONO exudes quality and will be a part of your regular camping gear for a long time to come. Custom-fitted carrying case with a matching hole-hanger is standard equipment.
  6. Siky Chopper YOKI

    Silky YOKI Chopper 270

    After almost 100 years of saw design and manufacturing excellence, Silky has added the YOKI ‘chopper’ to its lineup of superior steel blade products. If you are looking for the ultimate tool to attack multiple vegetation types, the YOKI should be at the top of your list. For avid hunters, hikers or those who travel off road, the YOKI is versatile enough to reduce vines, limbs and small logs to a more manageable or productive size. Similar to the a bush axe, the YOKI functions much the same way, but can be used with either one or two hands and is much less bulky to pack with your outdoor gear. Expect the YOKI to be a durable and long lasting tool with a blade you can resharpen and a custom-fitted carrying case with a matching hole-hanger that comes standard.
  7. Gertel

    WildHarvest Zwitserse Gertel

    Robuuste stalen gertel met leren greep. Handig voor het verwijderen van zijtakken en kloven van lichtere stammen.
  8. Coghlan's NATO schep +

    Coghlan's NATO schep +

    Tempered shovel blade with tubular steel shaft. Three position locking latch. With separate saw.
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