Optimus Polaris OptiFuel TACTICAL

024 204T

The all-rounder made by Optimus with just one (!) nozzle for different types of fuel like gas, gasoline, petroleum, diesel or kerosin offers a maximum of flexibility at best cooking performance. With the integrated 'Magic' cleaning needle for an easy and fast cleaning of the nozzle - even during cooking. The longlife aluminium pump ensures safety and user friendliness and the 'Flipstopp' - pump with integrated ventilation function reduces the pressure within the bottle and also burns the fuel remains within the cooker. The patent registered, fast igniting burner shortens the preheating time and lowers the fuel consumption. It has an integrated four season mode while operated with gas as well as the liquid fuel operation for increased cooking performance at very low temperatures with up to 20% less cooking time.
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Description Incl. pump, fuel bottle, wind protection, heatreflector, pouch and tools.
Brand Optimus
Diametre 8 cm.
Height 6.5 cm.
Weight 484 g.
Capacity 3.300 Watt.
Color Black
Uitvoering OPT8020428

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