Optimus Elektra FE Cook System

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When it comes to the Elektra FE (Fuel Efficient) cook system, it‘s all in the name: It uses less fuel and at the same time is more powerful than other systems. The Elektra FE cook system consists of the Crux Lite gas stove, a heat exchange pot with a lid, a convenient clip-on windshield (which reduces gas consumption and boil time) and a handheld piezo ignitor. Due to its compact size the Elektra FE cook system fits easily into a day pack and adds hardly any weight.
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Description Incl. handheld piezo, gas cannister, windscreen and bag.
Brand Optimus
Diametre 12.5 cm.
Height 16.5 cm.
Weight 455 g.
Capacity 3.000 Watt.
Fuel Propaan / butaan
Burning time Tot 90 min. bij maximale output (230g. gastank)
Cooking time Ca. 2.3 minuut voor .8 liter water
Uitvoering 8018921

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