Simple, functional and durable. That's what a really good product should be, according to Jan Andersson, the man who started the Wildo family business. Jan is a former head of training and coach in advanced survival in the Swedish military – and if there’s anyone who knows what's required to get the best out of being in woods and fields, then he's the one. All Wildo (named after a lake in the north of Sweden) products have been developed to work outdoors, even in the most primitive conditions. They are currently on sale to outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers all over the world.
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  1. Wildo Lapland nap

    Wildo Lapland nap

    2,00 €
    Onverwoestbare kunststof eet- en drinknap (40 cl) uit Zweden. In diverse kleuren leverbaar.
  2. Wildo Camper Plate

    Wildo Camper Plate

    3,95 €
    Onverwoestbare kunststof diep bord met een handige greep en mogelijkheid hem met klip aan bijvoorbeeld je rugzak te hangen. Excl. houten bestek.
2 Artikel
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