Built to last - De messen van Helle staan bekend om hun hoge kwaliteit en de vakmanschap, waarmee ze zijn gemaakt. En dat moet ook wel. De condities waaronder ze in Noorwegen worden gebruikt zijn zwaar. Triple laminated stainless steel is de standaard waar alle messen aan voldoen. Het resultaat is een bijna onbreekbaar lemmet dat tegelijkertijd lang scherp blijft. De gebruikte grondstoffen mogen het mes dan wat duurder maken dan sommige andere merken, dit is voor Helle geen reden om een compromis te sluiten ten koste van de kwaliteit. Een Helle mes heb je voor je leven of te wel in goed Noors; A Helle knife is made to last.

We hebben de messen van Helle sinds 2009 in ons assortiment.

Helle knive


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  1. Helle NyFjording #47
  2. Helle Fossekallen #49

    Helle Fossekallen #49

    € 105,00
    All-round mes - Fossekallen is named after Norway’s ”national” bird. The knife is well shaped for all around use. The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel. The knife comes with a snap type leather sheath.
  3. Helle Fjellmann #52
  4. Helle Nying #55

    Helle Nying #55

    € 95,00
    All-round mes - The Nying is a Helle classic, short and stubby. The handle is generously proportioned to give a good grip even when your hands are cold. The attractive leather sheath has a distinctive cutout. It is fitted with a keeper strap, which engages a stud on the pommel, and a suspension thong. The Nying won an award for classic Nordic design.
  5. Helle Tollekniv #61

    Helle Tollekniv #61

    € 75,00
    All-round mes - The Tollekniv is an all-purpose belt knife. The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel that provides excellent edge holding and sharpness. The handle is smoothly sanded and has a mellow finish. It comes with a slotted leather sheath. This is about all the knife anyone needs.
  6. Helle Fjellkniven #4

    Helle Fjellkniven #4

    € 115,00
    Outdoor mes - The Fjellkniven is a traditional all-purpose belt knife. This highly polished laminated stainless steel blade is shaped for every day chores. The comfortable grip is shaped to keep your hands off the blade. It comes with the traditional pouch style sheath that does not require a keeper strap.
  7. Helle Didi Galgalu #610

    Helle Didi Galgalu #610

    € 199,00
    Outdoor mes - Designed in collaboration with the Voetspore team of South Africa. A knife designed to withstand the hardships of transcontinental journeys of Africa. Named after the Didi Galgalu Desert in Northern Kenya, seen by many as the last frontier of Africa. The Didi Galgalu utilizes a full tang construction. Three rivets reinforce the African Kiaat wood handle. Blade thin enough to preform as a knife should when cutting or carving. The Scandinavian ground blade, genuine leather sheath, and Kiaat-wood handle assure Helle’s renowned rugged beauty.
  8. Helle Mândra #620

    Helle Mândra #620


    Normale prijs: € 189,00

    Speciale prijs € 155,00

    Outdoor mes - The Mândra knife is designed and field tested with Les Stroud, a.k.a “Survivorman”. We're very proud to present the Mândra, developed by Helle and Les Stroud – “Survivorman”. In order to perfect the design of this newest Helle knife, they travelled to the raw, remote and overwhelmingly beautiful country of Romania.
  9. Helle Utvær #600

    Helle Utvær #600

    € 189,00
    Outdoor mes - Named for the westernmost group of islands where Norway meets the North Sea. The Utvær featurs a strong, full tang construction, ample curly birch handle and 4-inch blade of Sandvik 12C27 steel. The drop point Scandinavian ground blade, leather sheath, and curly birch wood handle characterize Helle’s renowned strength, functionality and beauty.
  10. Helle Fire #190

    Helle Fire #190

    € 140,00
    Outdoor mes - The Fire was the first full tang knife produced in the Helle Factory. The blade is our triple laminated stainless steel to give an extraordinary edge. The one piece handle on Fire wraps around the lower part of the tang leaving it only visible on the upper surface of the handle. This protects your fingers when used in cold weather. The stout balde has the typical working shape of farm and shipboard knives. The sheath has a snap style retaining strap and comes with a belt loop.
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