The success story of the brand Esbit® began in 1936 when the solid fuel tablets were invented by Erich Schumm. Soon after further products like for example the stoves in pocket format were launched. Esbit Compagnie GmbH was founded in Hamburg / Germany in 1949. Fritz Paap was member of the board for more than three decades. In 1982 his son Dieter Paap was appointed Managing Director of the company. Nowadays the family business is being managed by Philip and Robert Paap in third generation. Like this traditional values of the brand and the company will also in the future be of great importance.
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  1. Esbit Spiritus Cookset

    Esbit Spiritus Cookset

    Hard anodised aluminium kookset met spiritus brander. Set bestaat uit pannen (1,8 en 2,4 l), skillet, warmtewisselaar, greep, borden, pannenlap en foudraal. Afmetingen: 12.8 x 20.2 cm. Gewicht: 1.050 kg.
  2. Esbit Titanium Cooker

    Esbit Titanium Cooker

    Superlichte titanium tablethouder (11.5 g.) voor gebruik met de 14 g. tabletten. Afmetingen: 8.4 x 2.9 cm. (opgeklapt). Diameter: 10.5 cm (uitgeklapt).
  3. Esbit Aluminium handle

    Esbit Aluminium handle

    Stevige pannengreep. Past op de verschillende pannensets.
  4. Esbit Tablets S

    Esbit Tablets S

    Verpakking met 16 tabletten van 5 g. in doordrukstrip (waterdicht verpakt). 2 tabletten brengen 0.25 l water in 5 minuten aan de kook. Ook handig als fire starter.
  5. Esbit Spoon Ti long

    Esbit Spoon Ti long


    Extra lange Ti lepel. Handig in combinatie met onze gevriesdroogde maaltijden.

  6. Esbit Cooker Cookset S

    Esbit Cooker Cookset S

    Hard anodised aluminium kookset voor de 14 g tabletten. Incl. pan
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