Tundra Grill 80 low

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Finnish Tundra Grill 80 Basic model. A sturdy fireplace on which you can prepare your catch and at the same time provide a safe source of heat. Black, the diameter of the stove is 80 cm (2,6 ft), working height ca. 45 cm. (1,5 ft).
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1 x HOHTO stove White   +€275.00

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•3 adjustable swing-out skillets •2 fish broiling boards with frames •Cast iron pan •Barbecue rack Ø 37 cm (1,2 ft) •Scoop •Ash pan and adjustable damper

Hood and rain cap are optional. Select 'Kotakeittio Tundra Grill Kap 80' to include it.

Transport surcharge € 50,-. This item requires a carriage surcharge. Select 'pallettransport' when needed.

Depth 40 cm.
Width 36 cm.
Height 90 cm.
Weight 80 kg.
Capacity 7 kW
Color Wit
Uitvoering 40900090

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